Why the Staffroom matters

The thing I miss most of all about teaching full-time at one school is the staffroom. There are numerous virtual staffrooms to be found online, but aside from having access to resources and materials the reality is that (just as with students) there’s nothing like face to face interaction.

Most questions, ideas, curiosities, etc, don’t warrant a special visit or email to your DoS, but it’s incredibly rewarding and useful as a teacher to be able to ask or answer the odd question, bounce around ideas, brainstorm and spark off other teachers.


One of the lovely things about freelancing in Berlin is that I think a lot of teachers know this, consciously or otherwise, and really make an effort to socialise and include each other, both in and out of school. As (I imagine) in any expat community, there’s a strong element of mutual support and nurturing friendships here. I’m lucky to be forming some fantastic friendships in Berlin, many of them with EFL teachers – friendships which I know will last the distance of both time and travel. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Why the Staffroom matters

  1. Hi Jade, I completely agree. I teach a lot of business English and I try to make the effort to go into each school which contracts me in order to get this contact. Especially when moving to a new place, the staffroom is the best place to get to grips with the ins and outs of the school where you work, and (of course) make some lovely friends too!

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