Developing presentations

September 2013

I’ve always enjoyed doing presentations sessions with EFL students, and find them very useful intensive speaking practice, with or without a specific language point.  The skills that I’ve brought to and taught in these lessons have often come from my theatre background and I’ve found it almost impossible to teach presentations without teaching some of the skills involved in presenting. 


One of my colleagues who teaches Business English has been particularly helpful and supportive, and since the Business English observation I did a few weeks ago I’ve been looking at some Business English materials.  Presentations are obviously a big part of Business English and my colleague has been very generous in recommending and sharing resources.  A couple of weeks ago I tried out a mini presentations project with my pre-intermediate students, using some of these resources – specifically, analysing examples of good, mediocre and bad presentations, practising language specific for introductions, and looking at chunking.  It was great to see how the students had applied so much of the language form the ‘input’ session to their final presentations.  I plan to try this again with my higher level afternoon students and look a little more in-depth at effective openings.

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