Pronunciation Resources and Links

  • English Pronunciation in Use – specifically the pronunciation test to diagnose students’ problems.
  • Learner English by Michael Swan and Bernard Smith – identifies and explains specific pronunciation problems for different nationalities
  • Pronunciation Games by Mark Hancock – a fantastic resource for practice activities across a range of Pronunciation elements, from elementary to advanced.
  • PhoTransEditapplications designed to help with English phonetic transcriptions. “Far from providing perfect automatic transcriptions, PhoTransEdit is aimed at just helping you save your time when writing, publishing or sharing transcriptions”.
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary type in a word and along with the definition it shows the phonemes (useful for copying to vocab handouts – use Lucida Sans Unicode to recognise the font) as well as buttons for the BrE and NAmE pronunciation.
  • Adrian’s Pron Chart Blog – Adrian Underhill’s very comprehensive site with a wealth of information, ideas and resources for studying and teaching pronunciation.

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