20. Analysing Visuals & Text



Analysing Visuals & Text


Given my interest in and passion for visuals in ELT, I thought it might be useful to put together a framework for analysis of visuals and text, and the relationship between the two.  I’ve created a table of considerations for analysis, with space for comments, based on a number of sources, including McCloud, Duchastel, and input on both the materials module (Paul Slater) and methodology module (Barbara Chamberlin).

Having created the framework I then decided to use it to analyse the hand drawn infographic (or graphic organiser) that I created for teachers on Learner Generated Visuals.  Actually, I wasn’t overly pleased with that visual, and had already decided to recreate it, so I also used the framework to analyse my second version.  Below are the visuals and completed frameworks for analysis.

Learner Generated Visuals – Graphic 1:Learner Generated Visuals JB infographic-page-001



Analysing Visuals and text - LGV 1 - small


Learner Generated Visuals – Graphic 2:Image2_small_darker

Analysing Visuals and text - LGV 2 - small

Personally, I prefer my second graphic to my first, and despite there being some degree of subjectivity, it’s reassuring to see that my analysis suggests that the second is arguably more valuable for learners (in this instance trainee teachers).  I also like that the hand-drawn illustrations in the second visual have an authentic, natural, amateur quality to them which reflects the topic of the text.


  • Duchastel, P. C. (1978) Illustrating instructional texts. Educational Technology 18 36-39.
  • McCloud, S. (1994). Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. New York, HarperCollins.

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