22. Re-designing a Worksheet


Redesigning a Worksheet

With a view to going into teacher training after the dip course, I’ve recently been observing one of our trainers on our current teachers courses.  In the latest session, on teaching receptive skills, the trainer, Ed, gave the teachers a handout/worksheet.

I found that Ed’s worksheet had some great content, and liked that it served as a reminder for teachers not only of the individual tasks but also the overall session structure. Aesthetically I felt it could be improved though, so with Ed’s permission I decided to redesign it – a kind of experiment, if you will.  Here’s what I started with, with my revision below.

Ed’s handout / worksheet (with a few of my own scribbles made during the session):

Receptive Skills handout (Ed Russell)-page-001 Receptive Skills handout (Ed Russell)-page-002

My revision of Ed’s worksheet is below.  The main things I’ve gone for are clarity of session stages and space for teachers’ notes.  Personally I find it much easier on the eye – although it spreads onto a third page, there’s more space around and so easier to navigate and process.  Comments welcome. 🙂

Teaching Receptive Skills-page-001Teaching Receptive Skills-page-002Teaching Receptive Skills-page-003


  1. I’m really thankful for this redesign Jade, and hope to be able to get you to do a bit more like this in the future 🙂

  2. It’s an old but valuable text, see: Hartley, J. (1994) Designing Instructional Text. (3rd ed) London: Kogan Page.

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