25. Learner Generated Visuals – Infographics


25. Learner Generated Visuals – Infographics

Following on from my post about Learner Generated Visuals, for which I got my class to create their own infographics, I’m finally posting what they produced…

It’s been a while since they made them, but as I was off school around that time the learners sent them to me by email – to my school email account, which I don’t tend to use that much and I can’t seem to persuade the email app on my phone to send me notifications when I have new mail (technology – ahem).

There are three in total – here they are:

How to deal with Snake Bites

Atah's infographic


Junk Food: the New Poison



English Stereotypes around the World


I think there’s some really nice work here, and in creating the infographics learners were involved in both reading (when researching their chosen topics) and writing.  It’s definitely something I’d like to try doing again with different groups.

It might also be interesting to get learners to create infographics about specific language points to aid with retention.  Worth thinking about for the future…


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