3. Technology 2: A Note on Resistance


Technology 2: A Note on Resistance.

After watching the video of What does EdTech mean for ELT that ELTJam gave at IATEFL 2014, I asked myself ‘am I resisting, surrendering or engaging?’

I’m certainly not surrendering, that much is clear to me, but if I’m brutally honest with myself I think a part of me is resisting in some way.  I don’t want to advocate or encourage my learners to become dependent on social media and computer technology.  But it’s clear from my mind map in Technology 1  that I am engaging in many ways, and in fact since writing/drawing that, several other examples of the way I use and have used technology have occurred to me (see videos for example)

Part of me is a cynic, so I do think resistance is futile.  But I also think we need to live our lives in ways that feel right, if only for our own peace of mind.  That said I recognize and appreciate that there’s a lot of fantastic technology out there that we should be engaging with.

So am I resisting?  Maybe a little.

Am I surrendering?  No way.

Am I engaging? Yes, but carefully.  Warily.

digital detox



Here’s something Adbusters.org said which I particularly like:

Computer screens, iPods, TVs, phones and the dozens of other devices we’re cybernetically attached to are so pervasive that we can’t escape them. We live them, we breath them, we need them … Or do we? …

Adbusters challenges you to do the unthinkable: unplug. Say good-bye to Twitter and Facebook. Turn off your TV, iPhone and Xbox. Reconnect with the natural world and the people around you. You’ll be amazed at how the magic creeps back into your life … don’t be afraid and don’t find excuses … take the plunge and see what happens.




Interested in reading more?  This guy makes some interesting points:


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