9. Materials Experiment 1 – Reflection


Materials Experiment 1 – Reflection

Materials Experiment 1 was something I decided to do before starting the module, so having now had some input, I thought it useful to reflect on the process, with particular reference to the nine potential contributing factors to the way materials writers describe their approaches to materials writing and design, which Paul presented last week.

These are the contributing factors (which I’ve written more about here and here).

materials evaluation - nine contributors

Paul Slater 2016



Today I watched the video again, asking myself which of these could describe my process. Here are my thoughts:




Was it principled?

Perhaps not consciously, but yes, as I was aiming for activities that:

  • were appropriate to the level of the learners
  • were real world and meaningful
  • provided language input before practice
  • were communicative

Was it intuitive?

  • Yes: what I felt was interesting / engaging for learners (visuals) is partly based on intuition, but in saying that I acknowledge the nature of intuition and the role that experience plays in that (see Intuition as an Emergent Phenomenon)

Was it based on experience?

  • Yes: low levels: appearance
  • Yes: mid levels – personality
  • Yes: higher levels – more challenging adjectives

Was it inspired?

  • Yes: use of pictures / images
  • Yes: Learner created images – “what does an inquisitive person look like?”

Was it chaotic?

  • yes, in that I was going with whatever came to mind and that jumped around a bit
  • no, in that I began with lower levels and then activity before moving onto higher levels and then activity

Was it recursive?

  • no: I’ve only done the experiment once thus far and the next time I do the experiment it’s unlikely to involve the same processes.

Was it ad hoc?

  • Yes: in terms of the nature of the experiment – unplanned

Was it spontaneous?

  • Yes: “the first thing that comes to mind?”

Was it based on a framework?

  • No, but it will be interesting at a later date to conduct a similar experiment which is based on a framework.

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