10. Stuff I say 1

A couple of weeks ago, our tutor Barbara suggested using word cloud programmes to reveal the most frequent words in a text.  Since then a colleague coincidentally recommended using a word cloud programme to identify specialist vocabulary for ESP classes, a tip I’ll be sharing with my TBE one to one this week.  The idea comes from an article on using word clouds in the classroom (Clare Fielder, Head in the Clouds? English Teaching Professional.  Issue 99, July 2015) which also shares some other interesting uses.

I thought that over the course of time it might be revealing to look at the most frequent words in my reflections, so have decided to create one every tenth post, and compare how they change over time.  Here’s the first summary of the stuff I say (by which I mean write).

Blog 1 wordle


  • Nothing hugely surprising here.
  • Believe is probably quite predictable in relation to methodology.
  • Curious about something – does this reflect a lack of clarity on my part?
  • I use students more than learners.

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