46. What’s happening 2: Metaphors for a Journey


What’s happening 2: Metaphors for a Journey

Following on from my post back in November about the course and my development, here’s a little update.

The second semester has brought with it an awful lot to think about, and I’m having to be quite selective about what I focus on at the moment.  There’s so much food for thought, it’s impossible to do justice to everything that inspires me in my explorations, so I’m learning to prioritise and sacrifice some of the things (ideas for experiments or explorations, particularly) that are peripheral to what’s actually required on the course.

With working full time it’s quite a lot to manage, so it can seem quite a daunting prospect to process everything.

I’ve taken a couple of photos as visual metaphors to represent my feelings at various points in the past fortnight.

The first is a pause in which I try to process my thoughts.  A balance of shadow – which could be seen as quite oppressive, or as a refreshing shade, depending on one’s mood – and glorious sunshine, warmth and clarity.  Bridges, windows and doors – ways in and out of a topic, links between ideas, ways of looking at things.

Jade Blue 2016
Jade Blue 2016

The second picture represents those non-pause moments, running with something, all systems go.  Focusing on one road while the traffic of other thoughts surround.  A button in case I need to stop – that reasoning with myself about knowing when to take a break.

The light – the golden hour that could be dawn or dusk – again according to the perspective one chooses.Traffic lights green

I’m having a brilliant time.  Yes, of course it’s hard work, but I feel alive.  It’s engaging and inspiring and I love it.  What will stay will stay, and the ideas I don’t yet have time for I can revisit as they revisit me.  Filling my mind is opening my mind.

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