57. Thinking Differently about Language Teaching (again)


Thinking Differently about Language Teaching (again)

Continuing from my post about using Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies as triggers for thoughts about language teaching, here are five further ‘considerations’ – each in response to a single card picked at random.


‘Define an area as ‘safe’ and use it as an anchor’



‘You are an engineer’



‘Question the heroic approach’



‘Is it finished?’



‘Take a break’



The last one – Take a break – was so fitting to the context and circumstance at the time of writing that I couldn’t resist including it.  It relates in part to my earlier post about learning to learn, as I have a tendency to keep going on something when I might benefit from a break.

I’m not entirely sure how yet (maybe in connection to materials design), but I feel it’s relevant to note here that I’m far happier with the aesthetic of these ‘Oblique Strategy thoughts’ than my previous ones – to the extent that I’ve considered redoing the first three. I’ve resisted though, as they’re as much a valid process of my reflection as these neater, simpler ones.

The process of reflecting in this way is beginning to reveal quite a lot of my underlying beliefs about language teaching and learning, as the same points come up again and again.  I wonder though to what extent and in what way my style of reflection (in the form of this blog) reflects my approach to teaching and beliefs about learning.  These are questions which warrants some ‘cold’ reflection at a later date, but immediate thoughts that spring to mind:

  • Exploratory
  • Experimental
  • Visual


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